4 Tips on How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation.

According to studies conducted in 2016, about 20-30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. This is not a sign of old age as it can affect men in all ages. If not treated, it can result to emotional and psychological issues as well as lower one’s self esteem. The key to overcoming premature ejaculation is to talk about it with your partner or a doctor. Sex plays a key role in a relationship and if something goes wrong, it can have a great negative impact on your marriage. Basically, premature ejaculation is a situation where a man loses control over ejaculation thus a partner is never satisfied.

What is the cause of premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is often as a result of psychological, emotional as well as physical causes. This includes anxiety, depression, being uncomfortable with your partner. Premature ejaculation can last from 30 seconds to even a minute. Sometimes, it can happen before penetration.

Below are some great effective ways that can help you overcome this condition.

Orgasm quickly and then go again.

Due to the fact that emotional and psychological issues are the main cause of premature ejaculation the best and manageable way to overcome it is by knowing when to break off and start all over again. This can be practiced by masturbation. As much as too much masturbation has negative effects on the sex life, regularly masturbating can help treat premature ejaculation. This is by putting a break when you are about to cum, divert your mind and then start all over again. Also, after you ejaculate, you can continue without having a break. This is effective in making the body get used to delayed ejaculation.

Have it in mind that sex is not all about you.

A love making session is a magical moment between two people. It can be quite humiliating to men when they climax before their intended time. This lowers the self esteem thinking that their partner is angry at them. In real sense, they do not really care about the rapid ejaculation. She wants a sexy time and her own orgasm. You can neutralize the moment by uttering words that show you appreciate her as much as you wouldn’t help yourself. Ejaculation does not guarantee satisfaction. It’s all about that moment and how you make her feel.

Use of recommended medication.

While change of behavior has a great effect on delaying ejaculation, there are situations that can be treated by use of medication. It is recommended that you should use low dose anti-depressants that have an effect of slowing down orgasm.  These drugs are available in many Canada drugs stores and you can order them online. You can also go for anesthetics that come in form of sprays and cream. These are designed to numb the sensation of the skin of the penis without worrying about the low partner feelings.

Consider going for sex therapy.

Unless your ejaculation issue is as a result of trauma or marital stress, sex therapy can come in quite handy in treating premature within a very short time. If a partner is cooperative, there will definitely be a good outcome. The biggest challenge of this method of treating premature ejaculation is that a higher percentage of men take time before addressing the issue. In turn, this complicates the issue and the partner may lose interest in addressing the problem. Men are encourage to seek help as soon as they see the early signs of this issue.

Above are just some of the ways that can treat premature ejaculation. In addition, you should look out for foods that help in improving your overall sex life.