Ballmer signs off on Apple macBookPro

It doesn’t take much to send Microsoft’s CEO, Barmy Ballmer, off the edge, but the Redmond chief handled a recent situation at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tenn like a pro. A MacBook Pro, that is.

After meeting with a group of students at the University, one cheeky chappy stepped forward and bravely asked Ballmer, “would you sign my laptop?” only to present him with a sleek, shiny MacBook Pro.

“It’s got Windows on it, I promise,” said the sneaky student to snickers from the surrounding crowd.

But rather than chucking it out the nearest window, or saying ‘hasta la vista’, or 7ing all ties to the student, Ballmer ballsily borrowed a marker and signed the offending machine, right across the fruity logo. Talk about WIN.

The CEO also proved he too had a sense of humor, writing “Need a new one?” next to his signature. 

Tossing the discarded piece of fruit back at the student, Ballmer good naturedly added “It’s all yours.”

The masterful moment was even captured on video and can be seen below.

We wonder whether we’ll be seeing that particular MacBook tipping up on eBay any time soon… after all, it may well sell for enough to pay off rather a lot of student loans.