AT&T wants to force you into unlimited texting

The amount of flexibility in AT&T’s mobile service plans just keeps shrinking.

Now it looks like the carrier is set to eliminate all variable texting plans and offer two options – unlimited texting, or pay-per-text.

In other words, AT&T is getting rid of the plan that allowed users to send and receive 1,000 text messages per month for $10.

That leaves users with an all-or-nothing option – for $20 a month, they can send as many texts as they want. If new customers want to save money, they’ll have to pay 20 cents per text, or 30 cents per multimedia message.

Previously, AT&T also offered a $5 rate for 200 monthly texts and $15 for 1,500 monthly texts but got rid of those options earlier this year.

In addition, AT&T was the first major carrier in the US to eliminate unlimited data plans for new customers. Instead, users now have to choose a capped data limit and have to pay overage charges if they exceed that limit.

Verizon and T-Mobile have since followed suit, but both still offer flexibility in text message rates.

Even though there are many ways for mobile users to contact each other via data connectivity – e-mail, instant messaging, etc – texting remains a popular and universal way to keep in touch with family and friends.