Asus attempts to explain Transformer shortage

A Taiwanese-based Asus rep has attempted to explain why Android enthusiasts are having such a difficult time purchasing the elusive Transformer tablet.

As TG Daily previously reported, Target recently cancelled a number of Eee Pad Transformer orders, just days after offering a $40 coupon that brought the total cost of the Android Honeycomb tablet down to $360 (plus tax and shipping).

Meanwhile, both Best Buy and Amazon have the seemingly ethereal device listed as either sold out or on backorder. 

Clearly, this isn’t a good sign for those who were hoping to pick up the Honeycomb-powered tablet in May.

Fortunately, Asus spokesperson David Chang says there will be a “significant alleviation” of the shortage in June.

“If the demand continues to increase substantially then we will have to continue to ramp up production in order to fulfill customer demand,” Chang told Netbook News.

The spokesperson also confirmed Asus had manufactured a mere 100,000 units for May, but would raise the number to 200,000+ in June.

Finally, Chang acknowledged that Asus simply didn’t anticipate such a high demand for the tablet – hence the acute worldwide shortage of Transformers.

“The current demand surpasses our expectations by far,” Chang said, adding that Asus remained on track to “achieve and surpass” current sales goals of 300,000 units in Q2 2011.