Are Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Invading Residences All Over the Globe?

The world is rapidly embracing automation and household cleaning chores are no exception. While automated cleaning by vacuum cleaners has been a commonplace within developed economies since decades, it was a mere luxury in developing economies till a few years ago. However, use of vacuum cleaners has become more of a need than a luxury today, as consumers in emerging countries are increasingly looking for convenient, automated, advanced technology tools for all residential chores, including clothes and dishwashing, and cleaning households. Features of these machines, such as laser vision, room mapping, and self-charging perfectly support the increasingly busier urban lifestyle.

The advent of robotics technology has been pushing the innovation in residential as well as outdoor vacuum cleaner designs over the years. Residential robotic vacuum cleaners however seem to grab a bigger slice of the vacuum cleaner market, compared to outdoor vacuum cleaners. A recent study conducted by Future Market Insights, a premium market research firm, indicates impressive growth prospects for the global residential robotic vacuum cleaner market. The US$ 1.5 Bn market is estimated at around US$ 2.5 Bn by the end of 2021. The market is likely to see healthy expansion over 2016-2021, at a compound annual growth rate of 12%.

What’s Driving the Popularity of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

One of the important factors that instrument the growing demand for residential robotic vacuum cleaner globally is growing health concerns and rising awareness about managing indoor air pollution. People across the globe are considering health and hygiene a top priority, even in developing regions. This is primarily responsible to underpin the need for an automated, efficient, and reliable cleaning method for households. Growing asthma prevalence fueling the sales of vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters is one of the most prominent examples highlighting the same.

Exceptional performance and top-notch functionality further push the popularity of these vacuum cleaners among consumers. Availability of advanced vacuum cleaners, such as compact, bag-less machines are a few other factors significantly accelerating the sales of residential robotic vacuum cleaners. Some advanced technology models also possess the capability of UV sterilization, which suggests immense innovation in the vacuum cleaning industry, especially based on the robotics technology.

Why Robotic Vacuum Cleaners over Conventional Vacuum Cleaners?

The first-invented, quite larger, non-robotic vacuum cleaners were a solid breakthrough, sold in large numbers during the early 1900s. Later, emergence of robotic vacuum cleaners began to change the market scene and consumer preference. Robotic vacuum cleaners are compact in size, easier to use, possess more number of features for more efficient vacuuming, and most importantly, come in varied alternatives as per the consumer demand.

Today, apart from established players, such as iRobot Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Hayward Industries, Inc., Dyson Inc., Philips Electronics N.V, Pentair plc, and Milagrow Business & Knowledge Solutions (Pvt.) Limited; the market has several leading companies that are already the big names in household products, smart home products, and consumer electronics manufacturing – LG Electronics, Xiaomi, Neato, Husqvarna, Aztech, Miele, Iclebo, Ecovacs, Infinuvo, and Moneual.

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