Apple tablet poised to alter the course of Western civilization

Apple is poised to permanently alter the course of Western civilization with the unveiling of its “latest creation” on January 27 in San Francisco, California.

Although it is unclear if the venerable Saint Steve will be in attendance, Club Cupertino has officially confirmed the invitation-only event.

Indeed, Apple is widely expected to present its long-awaited tablet to thousands of ecstatic and rapturous adherents in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater. 

According to various reports, the enigmatic tablet is likely to feature a 10.1-inch screen, webcam and an “awesome” UI.

As TG Daily previously reported, speculation over Apple’s tablet device has  reached a fever pitch in recent weeks, with word reaching us that Club Cupertino has snapped up all available supply of 10.1-inch multi-touch display LCD and OLED screens for its upcoming tablet.

“We were designing a product for a customer and we needed 10 inch screens, but we’ve been trying for months and can’t get one from any of the Asian suppliers,” an anonymous designer for a firm wishing to remain nameless told TG Daily.

“We were told that Apple pre-ordered them all. All 10 inch LCDs, and all 10 inch OLEDs too,” our source continued, redundantly adding “it’s for the Apple tablet.”

Meanwhile, Phillip Michaels of Macworld concurred that Apple was likely to unveil its long-awaited tablet at the event, as many of the company’s competitors were convinced that  such a device was “in the works.”

“The fact that this latest invitation doesn’t reference any existing products will only fuel the speculation that Apple has something new up its sleeve—and that something could be the tablet-based computer of myth, legend, and song,” explained Michaels. 

“At this month’s CES, Microsoft honcho Steve Ballmer showed off a prototype of HP’s touchscreen tablet PC, a move many CES attendees saw as an effort to steal some of Apple’s tablet thunder.”