Apple prototype tablet images hit the ‘Net

Engadget has managed to obtain at least two images of what appears to be a  prototype Apple tablet, or what may be a tablet “bolted down” to a table.

“It’s big – really big – and it’s running what clearly looks like an iPhone app, although we’ve never seen an iPhone app with that interface or at that resolution before,” wrote Engadget’s Nilay Patel.

“We also see a WiFi icon and a cell service indicator, although tragically there’s no carrier listed. As far as fakes go, this is as convincing as it gets, so either this is the real deal or someone deserves a hearty congratulations.”

Patel added that an an anonymous tipster had told Engadget that the device will have a 10-inch screen and look like a larger iPhone with a MacBook-like aluminum back.

“We can’t verify any of this either. Pricing will run $800 on contract with Verizon and $1000 without when it arrives in March. We’re also told that the official name remains a secret and that Apple employees are still calling it by the codename of ‘K48.'”

Meanwhile, Web 2.0 blogger Jason Calacanis has announced a number of alleged Apple tablet details, after claiming he received the device over ten days ago as a beta tester.

According to PCR Online, Calacanis tweeted the following specs:

  • The tablet has a built-in HDTV tuner, PVR and will cost $599, $699 or $799 depending on size and memory.
  • It’s running a version of the iPhone OS, and can run several apps simultaneously.
  • The battery life is “great” in e-book mode, but only 2-3 hours when using Wi-Fi or playing games.
  • It has two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. There are also thumbpads on each side, and fingerprint security.
  • The screen is OLED, and there’s a solar pad on the back for recharging.
  • There’s a customised Farmville app for the device, which Zynga CEO Mark Pincus will be demoing live on-stage tonight.