Second man admits attack on Scientologists

A second man has admitted taking part in a DDoS attack on the Church of Scientology’s website.

Brian Thomas Mettenbrink, 20, pleaded guilty to a charge of computer disruption, saying he downloaded custom software from a message board run by anti-Scientology group Anonymous.

“Defendant used that software to, without authorization, access the COS websites at such a high rate that it impaired the integrity and availability of the COS websites and the computer system where they were hosted,” says the plea.

“By this conduct, defendant and the others who participated in the DDoS attack cause more than $5,000 in loss to the COS in a one-year period.”

$5,000 might not seem too much to an organisation that routinely demands great piles of dosh from its members. But apparently the ‘church’ had to get in outside experts because of the “ferocity” of the attack.

Mettenbrink is likely to get a year inside for the offence. His guilty plea is the second in the case.  Back in October 2008, Dmitry Guzner also admitted taking part in the attack.