Apple iPhone hogs 50% of mobile data bandwidth

A recently published AdMob survey has confirmed that Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone hogs over 50 percent of global mobile data traffic. ??According to AdMob, Club Cupertino managed to strengthen its lead in smartphone traffic share from 43 percent last month to 50 percent. ?

Meanwhile, Symbian decreased from 29 to 25 percent, as Android rose slightly from 10 to 11 percent. ??As expected, RIM’s share dropped from 8 to 7 percent, while Windows Mobile tumbled from 5 to 3 percent.

“Octobers’ worldwide figures for hardware manufactures closely reflected those platform numbers,” wrote AppleInsider’s Prince McLean.

“Apple’s hardware numbers as the only iPhone vendor are identical at 50 percent, while Nokia phones represented nearly all of the Symbian traffic and HTC accounted for almost all of the Android and Windows Mobile share. RIM and Palm also act as the exclusive providers of their own platforms as well.”
McLean explained that actual smartphone phone use was “closely tied” to the top four hardware vendors and their respective software platforms.

“[This] erases the conventional idea that a large number of significant hardware manufacturers are behind licensed platforms such as Symbian, Android, and Windows Mobile,” added McLean. ??