Angry iPhone owners Push back over Skype

San Francisco (CA) – The latest iteration of Skype for the iPhone offers a number of useful features, including multiple language options, voicemail and SMS. Unfortunately, version 1.1 lacks critical Push Notification support.

“Skype iPhone is kinda useless with no push notifications so 1.1 still kinda useless,” one user wrote on the company’s forum. “Why even include IM capability without it, what are people supposed to do – send me an email that we should skype chat?”

Another user opined that the 1.1 was “completely worthless” on iPhone without Push.

“I am about to completely drop Skype as a messaging platform, unless they get their act together with iPhone support,” wrote Alex Kudlov. “First it took them a year to even come out with a basic iPhone app. Now, how long do we have to wait for Push notifications? I hope Google Voice comes out with proper iPhone integration and blows this 1.1 crap out of the water.”

The above-mentioned complaints were publicly acknowledged by Peter Parkes of Skype.

“To all of you requesting push notifications – we hear you,” stated Parkes. “We’re concentrating on providing the very best experience possible on the iPhone. Your feedback is important – it’s why we’ve included SMS and voicemail in this release. But we can’t do everything at once, unfortunately. Keep your eyes on this blog – we’ll be sure to keep you posted.”