Microsoft introduces Kodu Game Lab for aspiring developers

San Francisco (CA) – Microsoft has introduced an application that allows aspiring developers to create their own Xbox 360 games. Built using Microsoft’s XNA Studio, Kodu Game Lab offers users a simple image-based menu along with 200 different programming features.

“As a programmer, I wanted to help create something that unlocked the magic of Xbox 360 in the same way that I was able to unlock my computer as a child and bring my imagination to life through games,” explained lead Kodu programmer Matthew MacLaurin. “We had such success with bringing Kodu Game Lab into classrooms and after-school programs that we wanted to offer it to any wannabe programmer or creator through the Xbox LIVE Community Games Channel.”

According to MacLaurin, Kodu also features:

  • A bridge and path builder.
  • A terrain editor for the construction of unique playgrounds.
  • Co-op gameplay for up to four players.
  • 20 different characters with a range of abilities.

Kodu is available for download on Xbox Live for for 400 MS Points, or $5. Additional details about Kodu can be found at: