Android owners don’t want iPhone 4S

If you didn’t already believe there was a huge divide between iPhone owners and Android owners, this survey has all the proof you need.

Online shopping destination surveyed more than 1,300 users and asked who was interested in buying an iPhone 4S. Of those who already had an iPhone 4, 42% said they wanted the newest version.

Even more, 44%, of iPhone 3G and 3GS owners liked the idea of upgrading to the 4S right away. Those numbers are pretty much what one might expect. We might have even predicted a greater number, but nevertheless, there’s clearly interest for existing iPhone owners to continue buying the latest models.

But what about everyone else? 24% of Blackberry owners said they wanted to get an iPhone 4S, and a surprisingly meager 12% of Android users were interested in the new Apple gadget.

Clearly, Android users are happy with Android and iPhone users are happy with the iPhone.

“It looks like Apple may be appealing more to its installed base in this version of the iPhone than attracting ‘defectors’ from the other smartphone camps,” said director of community and content Andrew Eisner.

What’s interesting is that 18% of those interested in buying an iPhone 4S said they didn’t believe there would be a supply shortage on launch day but they still wanted to camp outside the store just for the experience.

That’s the iPhone mentality for you.