Android Music 3.0 app leaked early

Google is planning to update its built-in music playing software on Android, but someone spoiled the surprise.

That someone is a blog called Tech From 10, which has posted a leaked version of the app for all to download. It has an improved interface, and looks similar to the app that comes standard on Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets.

But the biggest new feature is its integration with Google’s impending cloud music service, which will allow users to store MP3 tracks online and play them any time, anywhere, as long as a data or Wi-Fi connection is available.

That service isn’t live yet, but is shows clear proof that Google has pretty much everything in place to launch it. Apparently the Android Music 3.0 app was accidentally released to the general Android Market when it was supposed to only be made available to developers.

The new app doesn’t work on all Android phones, so it’s unclear who will be able to access it when it officially goes live, but for those who can, it could be a whole new way to download and access music on the go.

It’s a bad sign for Amazon MP3, too, which has until now been the most heralded music-downloading app on Android. If Google’s service allows users to download tracks directly from Google, Amazon surely won’t be happy about that.