PC gaming is back, baby!

The PC Gaming Alliance wants you to know the industry spotlight has shifted from consoles back to where it belongs: on rigs.

“I don’t believe this phenomenon is going to slow down,” Matt Ployhar, PCGA president and Intel graphics planner, told PCR.

“A good portion of the companies that are flush with cash right now are coming from abroad, which largely ties in with my postulation about globalization spilling over into the PC gaming ecosystem.”

According to Ployhar, investment dollars are also being shifted towards PC gaming for a variety of reasons, including new payment models such as free to play, micro transactions, practically no secondary sales market and digital distribution.

“Globally, consoles don’t have anything close to the market penetration that PCs do. The market has been incorrectly articulated as if consoles were all part of the same team, which is frankly ludicrous. 

“The reality is that it’s not really a console versus PC question – it’s really a matter of saying we have at least four or more very distinct gaming ecosystems all competing for the same mind and dollar share,” he added.