Android 2.2 update becomes official for early Evo upgraders

The HTC Evo phone became the second device to get the Android 2.2 update earlier this month, but it turned out to be an accidental move from Sprint and was quickly pulled. Now, the official update is here.

Anyone who didn’t get a chance to snag the over-the-air update from their Evo when it hit at the beginning of August can now go into the phone’s Settings menu and click on “HTC Software Update.” If it doesn’t update, keep checking back throughout the day as it should be available to all users by the end of the night.

Even for those who did update to what they assumed was the final version of Android 2.2, otherwise known by Google’ trendy name “Froyo” (“Frozen Yogurt”), earlier this month, should still download the latest patch.

“This is an OTA package that will upgrade your phone from the unofficial version of the Android 2.2 release (.3 version) to the final production version (.6 version) will be available this evening,” said Sprint and HTC in a statement posted on Sprint’s website. No details were specified as to what will change between the early Android 2.2 push and this final update, but they are likely to be very minor and probably won’t even change the way the phone interface looks or feels.

All the rest of the lazy Evo owners will be eventually prompted to download the update, but anyone who’s still running Android 2.1 on the device should upgrade immediately. The 2.2 operating system completely overhauls the interface and has been receiving rave reviews from Nexus One owners who have gotten to play around with it for several weeks already.

On a side note, the Droid X is still slated to receive its Android 2.2 update early next month and the original Droid had just now began to roll out its version, which sadly had to scrap the feature that lets users turn the phone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. The Droid 2 will launch tomorrow with Android 2.2 installed, and Samsung’s Galaxy S series of Android phones should be getting the update by early fall.