…And Webtop HDMI for all

An XDA Dev member known as “Fenny” has posted modded versions of APKs used to initiate Webtop mode on a rooted Atrix 4G via a standard HDMI connection.

Previously, Atrix owners were forced to shell out a hefty $400 for a specially designed dock to run the Webtop UI.

So, what is Webtop and why does it matter?

Well, the feature allows you to comfortably interact with the phone on a larger display, using a number of large-screen optimized apps such as an Internet browser, file explorer utility and Facebook.

“Thanks to Fenny, you can now satisfy your desire for the newest features and keep your inner cheapskate happy,” explained Zak Stinson of Android Police.

“This allows owners to check out the new software without having to drop a wad of cash for the new hardware, which is always a good thing.”

My take on the mod?

While definitely sweet, it may seem a little niche at this point to the mainstream consumer.

However, it is definitely a step in the right direction and helps the industry move towards a brave new world of mobile computing – in which a single device like a smartphone or tablet can effectively serve the needs of users both at work and home.