Potentially last big PSP Final Fantasy game released

Last week a marked big occasion for uber fans of Final Fantasy in Japan, as the mega franchise-spanning brawler Dissidia Duodecim came out for the PSP.

And readily greeting those fans was a fresh new pot of DLC, opening up hope that Square Enix will continue to support the game with further expansions.

As soon as players get back from the stores they’ll be able to download the Warrior of Light’s fourth form, the “Nameless Warrior,” from the PlayStation Store at no cost. This is just the latest addition to the Dissidia franchise. In the months leading up to the game’s launch, Square Enix slowly revealed more and more details about new characters and features that would be included.

The game’s official title is Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy, but we prefer to just call it ‘the Dissidia sequel,’ or maybe ‘Dissidia 012.’ In addition to all the classic FF characters like Cloud, Sephiroth, Gilgamesh, and Squall, the sequel adds in new characters including Vaan and Lightning, as well as more legacy heroes, including Tifa and Kain.

There’s more good news on the DLC front, too. Square Enix will be releasing a new “Deform Image Costume” for Cecil in Japan to correspond with the release of Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection over there.

Dissidia 012 is one of the few PSP games to look forward to this year. Hopefully North American players will get the same kind of DLC support as our Japanese counterpart when the game comes out here on March 22.