Analyst: iPad 2 will capture 70% of tablet market

Apple’s sleek and sexy iPad 2 is expected to capture a staggering 70% of the global tablet market in 2011.

Nevertheless, a DRAMeXchange analyst told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement that the next-gen tablet will undoubtedly “stir up strong competition” in the lucrative mobile market.

“Facing the promising Android tablets, Apple has made some adjustments on iPad 2. [For example, the new iPad] weighs 70 to 100 grams lighter than [the first] iPad, while its thickness improved from 13.4 mm to 8.8 mm.

“Equipped with Dual-core A5 CPU, the iPad 2 offers twice the performance and multiple times graphic capability than the previous generation. The front and back cameras can now fully support the application of face Time video conferencing and video recording.”

As expected, DRAMeXchange also believes the iPad “outperforms” the rest of its competitors with “better” hardware and software integration – supplemented by a large selection of apps and services.

“Most non-iPad tablet are priced around $599 to $699, we believe the iPad 2 prevailed with best cost structure, procurement bargaining power and retail price.”

Nevertheless, the analyst emphasized that with a booming tablet market, different products will be positioned to serve different customers.

“Potentially creating various niche markets within and help the tablet market to become prevalent and improved, and ultimately offer more application software services to [consumers].

“Thus, DRAMeXchange believes 2011 is a promising year for tablet PC, with the expected shipment to reach 55 million units. Especially iPad 2 – with the better software and hardware integration and pricing strategy – will have the chance to grab more than 70% of the tablet market.”