Sony details NGP game storage specs

Sony recently confirmed that games for its upcoming NGP handheld console will be stored on flash memory modules dubbed “NVG Cards.”

The new cards will be available in two storage capacities: 2GBs and 4GBs.

As expected, the smaller card is targeted at more casual titles, while the 4GB card will support more graphically intense games such as Uncharted Portable.

According to IGN, the cards will reserve approximately 5- to 10-percent of their total storage space for saved data, game patches and other updates. 


This method is supposed to be “less taxing” to the NGP’s internal storage system and should help facilitate easy game transfers from device to another.

It should also be noted that 4GB is just under half the total disc space utilized by an average PS3 game, which typically totals some 9GBs of data.

[Via IGN