An Introduction to Cisco Spark Board      

Cisco has recently announced the release of a touch-based, 3-in-1 digital whiteboard providing high-quality video conferencing and wireless content sharing allowing a team to do almost anything.

Created as a competitor to the Microsoft Surface Hub and Google Jamboard, it leads the way in innovation in the workplace.

But what does it actually do? And how does it differ from the popular products on the market? Viju outline a few things that Cisco are leading the way in.

Video Conferencing

With the huge increase and popularity of video conferencing, in the workplace and at home, a stable and trustworthy option is a top priority. Cue Cisco Spark…

This is where the Cisco Spark Board is ahead of the game, with an on-board 4K camera and a 12 microphone array featuring on-board VoiceTrack technology. This technology automatically zooms in on specific people depending on who’s speaking at that point in time to make the sometimes finicky process of seeing everyone involved in a video conference that much easier. As such, this allows for a much more comfortable experience all around, as the last thing you want before an important meeting is to be fiddling around with technical and logistical problems.

Cloud Based Content Sharing

Along with a modern video conferencing capability, the Cisco Spark Board also has cloud based content sharing with wireless presentations that allow multiple devices to connect together for a seamless collaboration.

With a need for a device that works with all other kinds of hardware, Spark Board is leading the way, able to collaborate with mobile, laptop and tablets to enable a streamlined and easy to use presentation tool.

Nothing is worse than having half your meeting unable to interact with everybody else as they’re limited with to using a laptop for example.

The Cisco Spark enables anyone included in the meeting to collaborate before the meeting has even begun. Giving everyone the ability to share notes and ideas to help give everyone a basis to begin with. Staying in the virtual meeting room for everyone to see throughout the meetings running. The connectability is endless, enabling users to share the presentation wirelessly, contribute to the presentation through notes and diagrams totally independant of the meeting room itself on their own connected device.

Digital White Boarding

An ever popular tool for presentations and meetings is the digital whiteboard, the Cisco Spark whiteboard enables users to freely contribute to any meeting. Using the Cisco Spark Pen or your finger to display your ideas and notes across multiple platforms.

With the Spark Boards ability to instantly save any content produced saves vital information in the event of a power cut or accidental deletion. These small features are what make the Cisco Spark Board so valuable, preparation for these common occurrences is what makes your team and your business stand out from the rest.


The main points that any growing business looks for in their new acquisitions is adaptability, Nobody can predict the future, all we can do is make sure we’re fully prepared to the best of our ability for multiple problems.

The Cisco Spark Board helps in this regard, with adaptability considered from the beginning, using it couldn’t be any simpler.

Any device is able to naturally connect and share with the Spark Board including Apple and Android devices that are so commonly used in today’s world. Allowing everyone to contribute regardless of their personal preference in phone.

Along with multiple device sharing options, the board itself is designed around ease of use and choice. The Spark Board has a grand total of one cable, the power cable, allowing a clutter free office environment and a complete reduction of wiring problems. With the cloud completely powering it, that’s all it needs to offer.

Finally, Cisco offer two sizes and prices, giving the buyer choice depending on their current business situation. It comes in 55-inch for $4990 and $199 a month as the smallest option and later in the year will be offering a 70-inch version for $9990 and $199 a month.

This kind of investment, being used almost daily would be a valuable addition to your business.