AMD targets Windows tablet market with Desna

AMD is targeting the potentially lucrative Windows tablet market with a new Z series Fusion APU. 

Code-named “Desna,” the tablet-optimized chipset boasts Radeon HD 6250 discrete-class graphics, two 1 GHz “Bobcat” CPU cores and a TDP of only 5.9 watts.

“There are certainly a lot of interesting things happening in the tablet market. MSI’s WindPad 110W – which is powered by Desna – is really only a sign of things to come,” an AMD rep told TG Daily during a Computex briefing.

“For the future, Windows 8 is definitely an exciting OS, and we look forward to pairing Microsoft’s IE10 browser and other apps with our APUs on such devices.”

Although the rep declined to comment on the possibility of AMD supporting Android Honeycomb, company exec Phil Hughes did refer to Google’s tablet OS in an official blog post about Desna.

“[One platform] to keep on your radar screen as you do your tablet research is BlueStacks,” wrote Hughes.

“BlueStacks is helping to reshape the tablet ecosystem by essentially bridging the Windows and Android ecosystems together, thus opening up new application possibilities in the amazing clarity and detail that only an AMD Fusion APU-powered tablet can offer.”

As TG Daily previously reported, BlueStacks was most recently spotted on a ViewSonic tablet at Computex 2011. 

The device runs Windows 7 as its base OS, but Bluestacks allows Android and related apps to happily co-exist within an x86 environment.

Additional info about MSI’s Desna-powered WindPad 110W can be found here