New Torchwood: Miracle Day featurette released

A new video gives us a closer look at some fresh footage, and provides the cast with an opportunity to describe their own takes on the production.

Starz today released a new video which contains some short interview segments with executive producers Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner, Eve Myles, Bill Pullman, Alexa Havins, Mekhi Phifer, John Barrowman and Lauren Ambrose.

The interviews are mixed with some new footage from the show, including some behind the scenes stuff, to illustrate the points the players are making.

The thing I notice the most here is lots of explosions and other expensive looking special effects.

It seems as though the move to Starz has given the show a boost in budget which it has taken full advantage of.

Also, a theme to the interview responses seems to be the idea that there will be a lot of action; that, in fact, that action will be “non-stop.”

This actually worries me a bit. It is possible to make a show too intense. Everyone needs a break in action once in a while, and if the show doesn’t let the audience come up for a breath once in awhile, it may turn some people off. The previous Torchwood series, Children of Earth was already pretty close to the line, making some parts difficult to watch.

Of course, for my part, the issue may have been self-inflicted, as I watched the entire five episode series in one sitting, which was perhaps unwise.

Barrowman is apparently pretty excited about the series. During his interview clips, he seems hardly able to stay in his seat, and when asked to describe the series in one word, Barrowman said that he would be required to use two words and that those words are “F–king Awesome.”

Torchwood, a Doctor Who spin-off, has been a BBC production for a few years, but starting with this story, it has been picked up by Hollywood production company Starz, and the new base of Torchwood will be Los Angeles.

Barrowman and Myles are returning to the cast as Capt. Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper, and a few other secondary characters who survived “Torchwood: Children of Earth” will also be back.

Joining them will be Mekhi Phifer, as a CIA operative; Alexa Havins, as a CIA analyst; Arlene Tur, as a surgeon; and Bill Pullman, as a convicted child-killer who becomes mysteriously unkillable on the day of his execution.

The plot will center on this strange immortality, which seems to have struck the entire world at once. At first seen as a miracle – thus the subtitle of the series – it soon becomes a nightmare, as the hundreds of thousands of people who are supposed to be dying each day around the world are quickly starting to overbalance food supplies and other resources.

Gwen and Jack team up with the CIA to solve the mystery of this “curse,” which will span ten-episodes.

The series is slated to premier on July 8, 2011 via Starz.