PocketBook debuts water resistant eReader

Who doesn’t want to read their favorite ebook poolside or on the beach?

We’ve probably all thought about bringing along a Kindle or an iPad, but changed our minds at the last second over concerns that an ocean wave or massive splash from the pool would ruin some pretty expensive hardware. 

Well, Rusian eBook maker PocketBook apparently feels our collective pain and will be launching a new water-resistant model with a 6-inch E Ink display. 

According to Liliputing’s Brad Linder, the PocketBook 640 is equipped with a Pearl E Ink touchscreen display and carries an approximate $200 price tag. 

Key device specs include 4GB of storage, 256MB of RAM and a 1 GHz processor. The water-resistant, 6 ounce eReader supports WiFi, along with Dropbox and a service that allows users to transfer books via email. 

“What you don’t get is a high-res screen like that found on the latest Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or any sort of front or side-light,” said Linder. 

Nevertheless, the PocketBook 640 still seems like a pretty sweet piece of hardware to us.