West Virginia environmental disaster too much for the culprit to handle?

Gary Southern, CEO of Freedom Industries, makes the guys at Snapchat look like boy scouts. His company is responsible for a chemical spill in the Elk River that has left 300,000 people in West Virginia without water. It doesn’t help that he is a bit of a spineless dick in interviews with the press.

So, here’s the deal, your company has created an environmental disaster and left hundreds of thousands of people without access to clean water, not counting the bottled variety on sale in stores. 

Your company doesn’t really have much in the way of answers as to why this horrible situation came about. And, you really ain’t doing enough for the people of the state that is giving you generous tax breaks and letting you destroy it with your chemical poisons.

In this interview, local news reporter Kallie Cart from WCHS8 doesn’t let Southern off the hook, and rightly so. The guy seems to be clueless to the plight of the people that have been left without water. Of course, sipping from a bottle of water during the interview doesn’t really seem to be a great idea either. 



How do these guys get to be in these positions?!

Some of you reading this may not really understand what this situation means on the ground. It means, you can’t bathe or drink water, just flush the toilet with it. It means that businesses like restaurants, are closed because they can’t function without water.

Think about that: you can’t cook at home really. You can’t go out. You have to get out of the area and find an open restaurant or eatery. 

The authorities are doing their best to help out and provide emergency services, but then, you have Mr. Southern. Poor guy is tired. It’s really hard for him.

Suck it, Freedom Industries. And, suck it, Gary Southern. Worst people in the world on this day, January 12, 2014.

Oh, by the way, the PR company representing Freedom Industries, Charles Ryan Associates, deided to drop its client after Southern’s tone deaf showing last Friday. Yup. It was that bad.