Bang with Friends does the same thing but calls it Down

The App Store for iOS is very prudish, or not. Bang with Friends is not prudish at all. It’s stated aim is to get its users a one night stand (that’s a euphemism for sex at no cost) with Facebook friends. Get it? Bang with Friends. But Apple doesn’t like the name. Can live with the intention, but not the name. Go figure.

After being pulled from the App Store, the app is now back as Down. Nope, nothing else has changed. There are about 1.2 million registered users, and there are roughly 1 billion potential bang-ees on Facebook. This is an app that is about doing your friends on Facebook. Yet another good reason not to be on Facebook.

Bang with Friends/Down still has some obstacles to overcome. It had to try and make its X-rated objectives appealing in a G-rated way. 



Perhaps, “are you Down with having sex with me on a completely pointless basis” is more G than “Let’s ….. well, let your imagination take course here. We are still PG at TGD. Although we do get mistaken for a transgender resource quite a lot. Funny, right?

Actually, the revised iOS version of the app makes sure iPhone users don’t sully themselves by letting them click “I’m down” instead of the Android version’s “down to bang.”

For the record, the app, apparently, maintains your anonymity until you, presumably, “get downed” so, that’s good to know. It does not, however, tell you what happens when you go all crack-whore on the world and whether Facebook will tag all of your photos “slut” or “man-whore” once your predilections are known.

Google, per our story here, is “down” for anything so, Android users are probably going to get to do the nasty any which way they can, the no fault way.

Need some Purell?