Facebook, PayPal like service, Internet quakes, Doomsday clock at 1 second to midnight

It looks like every day Facebook is pushing out something to make sure that everyone is doing everything on Facebook. It’s hard to argue the point because the Facebook juggernaut has so much momentum and if you try and stand in front of it you will get crushed. Internets be warned!

So, it’s not worth saying that there is already a PayPal out there. There are plenty of ways of getting paid for services online. They all have their good and bad points. Why do I have to do it all through Facebook and why would I want to give up my control to Facebook?

I get it. My aunts are all on there. A billion people marketplace. Shopping is social. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Oh, look, I am losing the use of my legs as a tiny Facebook juggernaut wheel crushes my aspirations.

Facebook has all those people who spend way too much time on it, and the more time they have on there, and the lazier they get about doing anything else, the easier it is to get them to just click and whatever through Facebook.

It’s really sad for the vast majority of people who are not Facebook and, you guessed it, Twitter users who are not very Facebook friendly. I am sure Twitter will come up with a payment system soon.

AllThingsD, Facebook’s official PR agency, got the yet another scoop designed to set the rest of the Internets up for failure:

Facebook plans to test a new payments product that would allow online shoppers to make purchases on mobile apps using their Facebook login information, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans.

The product, sources say, would allow any shopper who has previously provided Facebook with their credit card details to make purchases on partnering e-commerce mobile apps without entering billing information.

This is JackThreads, apparently the purveyor of the Facebook payment system pilot program. JackTnreads is a part of Thrillist (digital lifestyle for douchey men or something like that although I can’t see where men come into it because everyone on that site looks like they barely got through puberty):

JackThreads is a members-only, online shopping club that curates top-tier street, skate, surf and contemporary men’s fashion brands – offering daily sales of up to 80% off on what’s hot right now. Our premise is simple. We scour the globe to unearth the freshest looks and the deepest discounts available, and then deliver them to your inbox every day. There are no long lines, crowded aisles or bargain bins, just style and savings. Our goal? Empower our members to feel like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. We want you to stay fresh, for less.

Each day at noon ET, we open 3 to 4 brand new sales, combining premium brands you already rock with buzz-worthy newcomers. Most sale events last for 72 hours and never return, so members are encouraged to check in early and often. Doing so will not only save you stacks, but you’ll be on the forefront of trending fashion. And when your friends inevitably ask how you pull it off, you can invite them to join JackThreads and earn yourself a $10 credit when they sign-up and purchase. It’s a win/win, and win some more situation.

Think of JackThreads as the Robin Hood of the shopping world, minus the grand larceny and the pointy hat. We do the dirty work, and you reap the rewards. So, join now and never go naked again…

OMG! Yet another let’s get you a designer bargain offer once a day. Be here or lose out on buying stuff that was overpriced crap to begin with.

Sorry, I am getting a migraine. The world is just moving too far to the banal of center. Have we all become so friggin’ compliant and materialistic or is it just that we are now ruled by Bleibers and Kardashian followers?