LG showcases flexible OLED panel at SID 2013

LG appears to be on a roll when it comes to organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). First, they wow’ed us with a giant flat screen that uses OLEDs to up efficiency.

Then they announced a curved OLED screen that could make the flat screen a thing of the past. Now, rumor has it that they’re bringing a flexible OLED display to the Society for Information Display’s (SID) Display Week 2013 going on right now in Vancouver.

The newest addition to LG”s already impressive line of OLED technologies is only five inches in size, but with LG already using the word “unbreakable” the implication formobile devices are huge.

Image via LG

With some smartphones now powerful enough to (almost) replace computers, their sticker price has gone through the roof. Once you’ve shelled out the money to obtain your very own pocket-sized miracle, the last thing you want is to accidentally smash it on the sidewalk when you stand up, forgetting it’s in your lap. (I know, I’ve done it too).

Scratches and dings are one thing, but if you bust a smartphone’s screen, it’s about as useful as a floppy disk. LG’s claim that the new OLED screen is both flexible and breakable is more than enough to catch consumer attention.

The newest OLED screen is constructed from plastic rather than glass. This renders the display flexible although the claims of “unbreakable” might be a little premature, it’s a step in the right direction. OLED already offers superior visuals while conserving even more energy than typical LED displays, so if implemented into future phones, the screen could be more efficient in addition to brighter and harder to damage.

Beth Buczynski, EarthTechling