Pleygo online sharing service for LEGO toys goes live

LEGO are near and dear to the heart of any adult who played with them as a child, but if you’re looking to build a collection for your own kids, you’ve likely noticed that the price for a single set has gone up. Way up.

Even if you invest the money it takes to get your kids the hot set of the moment, it’ll only be a matter of time before the pieces are scattered around your house, and the allure fades.

Keeping kids interested in building without costing you a fortune is the goal of a company called Pleygo. Described as a Netflix-like service for LEGO, Pleygo has taken a page from the sharing economy’s book, knowing that what kids and parents want is the experience of playing with the toys, not the burden of owning them.

Image via Nasawebbtelescope/Flickr

LEGO are one of the “greener” toys parents can buy these days because, although they’re made of plastic, they’re designed to endure years or even decades of use. Now, the collaborative consumption motto of “sharing is the new shopping” has generated a  new way of enjoying this creative, educational toy.

Through Pleygo kids (or die-hard LEGO fans of a more mature kind) can access a wider diversity of kits and pieces without having to permanently purchase them. It saves money, space in the toy chest, and ensures that there are fewer LEGO headed for the landfill.

Membership plans start at $15 dollars a month for small to medium sets (usually up to 400 pieces) and all include unlimited exchanges per month with one set at-a- time.  You’ll receive your set in a Pleygo box with an instruction manual and a spare pieces bag. “We clean and sanitize all the pieces so your kid will have a safe LEGO building experience,” explains the website. Once your and your child are done playing with the LEGO set, just toss all the pieces in the provided ziplock bag, put it back in the box, attach the pre-paid shipping label and drop it in the mail.