7 Ways to Market your App for Generating a High Revenue


When you think of developing a mobile app, your mind rushes towards the important processes that are involved in it. The processes like requirement gathering, creation of wireframes, database setup and integration, UI design, coding and development, testing and deployment etc are on the top of your mind.

What you forget to consider as crucial as the above processes is marketing.

The scenario gets daunting, when you see thousands of apps similar to yours, flooding the app stores. To avoid drowning in this ocean of apps, and making your app stand out and ‘float’ you ought to pay attention to the process of app marketing.

Now you can either hire an app promotion agency if you have that kind of money or you can be a little smart and save those extra expenses.

I have sifted some ways that can enable you to market your app, generate a high revenue and at the same time gain complete control over your app promotion process.

1. Do the Pricing Model Math

This begins with a thorough market research. The market research is essentially done for the following two reasons:

  • Find the Target Audience: You can create user personas of your target audience in order to design app for them. Understand their demographics, behaviour and lifestyle and mould your app according to the current needs.
  • Business Model: Pick the kind of monetization model that is best for you. It can be in app advertising, in app purchasing or may be a free version. Gauze the performance and popularity of your app among users and then make a wise decision accordingly.

2. The Power of a Website

You will be surprised to find out what an amazing platform a website is for promoting your mobile app. You can share the vision of your app and help people understand why this app is there in the market. A blog is a perfect place to share your story with the audience and inspire them truly.

The other aspect is a Landing Page. Creating a captivating and highly informative landing page can strongly persuade your target audience into downloading your mobile app.

3. Socialise on Social

Apart from creating your company pages on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GooglePlus etc., join various developers and entrepreneurial communities. These communities are the best place to hear other developers’ experiences and tips and at the same time earn some word of mouth.

4. The Visibility Factor

The visibility of your app can increase by the following ways:

  • Spare some chunk of money for online advertisements; believe me, it will be worth every penny.
  • Organise contests and give away free prizes to the winners to create a buzz around your product.
  • Take the help of the promotional apps such as Springwise, Netted, AppStorm etc. to earn extra reviews.
  • Try to get in touch with the journalists, bloggers and entrepreneurs who share your type of content. Then engage with them and take their help to get your product promoted.
    Once they agree to share your content, make sure you keep them updated about your product in future as well.

5. Optimising your App in the App Store

The app description of your app should focus on problem-solving more than anything else. It should give a rigid idea of app functionality, characteristics and achievements. It should also include the right keywords to increase discoverability. Make the screenshots of the app very attractive and informational.

6. The Good Old Pal Email

The email was and still is one of the best marketing tools present around you. They are cheap, cost effective and save time.You can use them for the promotion of your app before as well as after the launch. Although do not forget to make your emails as humanly as possible, in the end, there are people on the other side of your email.

7. Keep Improving

After the initial release, keep your senses open. Find out the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and understand the user engagement behaviour. Use various analytics tools to analyse your performance and keep your users hooked.


Keeping the above points in mind while marketing your app can create a huge difference in the revenue generated by your app. Also, it is important to understand that app marketing is not a one-off process. It requires careful and timely planning followed by constant efforts to promote it.

So don’t hold back, go all in with your app marketing!

Author Bio

Uzair is the VP, Sales & Marketing at Enterprise Monkey; an Australia based website and app development company which helps Small-to-Medium Enterprises, Not-For-Profits and Startups by providing integration, automation and greater visibility of their business processes.

Uzair possesses a comprehensive experience in B2B and B2C marketing. Pursuing his vision to help Small and Medium Enterprises, he has successfully helped many such organisations to increase their productivity and revenue.