7 Useful Tips to Buy The Best Radar Detector

Driving is second nature for almost everybody. It’s a task that many of us are doing either as a job, to get to our job, for fun or simply out of other necessities. But oh so many times we find ourselves fined for even the slightest speeding. To make this issue go away many people invest into a radar detector. This little device attracts our attention when they detect that a radar station is in close range, so we can simply decelerate and skip an often expensive fine. So many ask us what is the Best Radar Detector 2018? We will show you what you need to know when trying to choose the best.

What to look out for?

When choosing the best radar detector, you will notice that there are several technical specifications that you have to look out for. Let’s start with the first one

Distance and range

Whenever choosing a radar detector, distance and range are arguably the most important things to look out for The distance can vary from couple of hundred feet (low-level ones) to several miles. Depending on your driving style you might be good with a lower quality one as well, but in all honesty we would always recommend the one with the longer detection range. So keep this in mind when comparing several different models.

Full coverage

Full 360 degree coverage is also a must. Many older generation radar detectors don’t offer this, just frontal ones. This might not be the best option, considering that police forces often use fishing techniques that are not visible to the devices when it comes to a different angle interception.

Upgrade possibility

The new keyword for current generation hardware is often modularity. This is not different when it comes down to radar detectors. These kind of added hardware that can be added to your newly purchased device can make it last far longer, potentially even for decades. So before paying hundreds of dollars on a new one, make sure that you will be able to expand it at a later date with the newest gizmos that technology has to offer.


This one is usually an understated aspect when it comes to radar detectors. Many believe that just because they are keeping it in their cars, it won’t break for some time This is often not the case and many of them are thrown around in the glove compartment. Always be certain that the build quality is good as that will give it a good amount of extra years of full functionality.

Connectivity and GPS

A good radar detector is always connected. Online and GPS connection is often a must as this way they can work as a hive and next to their detection capability, they can source other detectors information as well. This is especially good in urban areas, as this way you will be able to tell apart which radar stations are the ones that target you directly.

Detector type

There are three types of detectors on the market. Depending on how many cars you drive all three can be a good fit for you The best results are given by the corded detectors which is usually mounted on the windshield. They are not that mobile but the range is usually the best. Cordless detectors are mobile and they are best if you tend to switch cars during the day. The range is usually acceptable, and they are quite small. Last but not least is the remote-mount detector. This is constantly mounted in one car, the range is good, but it has no mobility. All in all, depending on your need, any one of them could be a good choice.

Good display

A great, visible LCD screen is always a good way for you to be informed of where you can expect law enforcement to be stationed. Audio information is also good, but especially in a packed car, where many people travel at once, a good LCD display is the best option. It gives you highly detailed and updated data all the time.

In conclusion

Radar detectors can be very handy items in our daily driving lives. As you can see for a small sum of money, that you have to invest once, you can be almost certain that you won’t receive all those nasty fines going forward. So buckle up, start your engines and turn on your newly purchased electronic gizmo, because your next ride will be like no other.