7 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

Launched in 2015 Windows 10 made quite a lot of buzz in the IT sector and once the company announced a free upgrade for existing users, the market went wild. However, a segment of people wasn’t ready to accept this change given they still believed in the old traditional features and didn’t like Windows 10 changes.

If you are still one of the few people who are still using Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 then here are a few reasons for you to upgrade to the new Windows 10.

1. No Merged UI’s

One of the most annoying features of Windows 8 was the full screen start menu which appeared as soon as you clicked on the start button. This menu which showed not only the installed applications, but also gave users app recommendations was pretty annoying for most users to browse through.

Windows 10 has brought back the traditional start menu which pops up on the desktop and thereby appearing as a part of single UI, rather than a different UI altogether.

2. You Get Yourself an Assistant

One of the best features which Windows 10 comes with is the Cortana. Cortana makes it incredibly easy for you to work on this new upgraded OS, assisting you in every manner and helping you navigate your way inside the interface.

For those who are worried that Cortana doesstore information and sends it to Microsoft, there is a way you can control what Cortana shares.

3. Booting Speed

One of the other major changes you will see in Windows 10 is the booting speed which has increased almost 2 times than the previous Microsoft Windows versions. Some experts even say that Window 10’s booting is faster than Mac OS, which surely is something which you would want to see. It also comes loaded with DirectX 12 which is a treat for gamers, as it will help them experience a much more immersive gaming environment.

4. Window Store Apps Have Turned Smarter

Windows 7 didn’t come with app store, while with 8 you had somewhat of a cluttered Window Store UI. However, Windows 10 does offers you a perfectly designed Window store from where you can search and install apps in breeze. They are safer to operate as they run in their own sand-boxes and the best part? They can be easily integrated with a third-party software for sharing and/or working. So, buying a Windows 10 product key 64 bit would be the best choice for your new OS.

5. Action Centre Debuts

Drawing inspiration from smartphones, Windows 10 also has its own Action Centre, where notifications with respect to any application do pop up. Using the action centre, you can decide if you wish to ‘Clear’ the notification or click on the pop up to carry out any required action. Some would argue that this feature was already present in Windows 8, so what’s new in Windows 10? In Windows 10 you get the Toast Notification feature which lines up all the notifications sorted by date for you to view at some later point, until you choose to remove them from tray.

6. An advanced browser

Windows 10 has come up with an advanced browser called the Microsoft Edge. This browser stands as a good competition to Google Chrome and Safari as it comes with an improved speed and load time. This browser not only is faster but also relays less pressure on the RAM and battery of system hence not hampering the performance in any manner.

7. Improved Security

Windows 10 has inherited the same secure boot feature as present in Windows 8, however this comes with a tiny upgrade. With Windows 8 this process of checking each piece of code before running could be bypassed by certain software, however with Windows 10 you can set it as a setting so that this process cannot be skipped. This will ensure your system is susceptible to breach from outside and doesn’t crash if a particular code malfunctions.

These 7 reasons, we believe, are sufficient enough to help you decide whether to use this new OS or not. However, if you are a Windows fan, then Windows 10 is sure to impress you to a much extent.