Doing What You Love

We all have to have a job. It goes without saying that, unless we’ve inherited a large fortune or won the lottery, we’ll be going to work 5-6 days a week and working 40 hours or more. While for many of us, the thought of pursuing our current job forever makes us break out in a sweat, there are those lucky few who actually love what they do. We wonder… why is that not us? Why are we not working at what we love, treasuring the days we have instead of just wishing work was over?

The good news is, it’s not too late to start. We can all follow the path we were meant to take career-wise. There are those who love managing a restaurant; there are those who hate it. There are those who love their office job; there are those who would rather be outside. There are those who love landscaping, and those who can’t wait to get out of it. If you’re stuck in the wrong career, it’s probably not an indication that the career itself is miserable. You’re just miserable in it–and that’s okay. It’s also okay to get out and find something new.

If you’re of a more artistic bent, you will probably never be happy until you pursue a job involving the arts. It’s not too late to get a degree in graphic design, or to pursue an art business on the side, through Society6, Etsy, or other online sellers, until you’re making enough to pursue it full time. If you’ve always longed for a job that involves being in front of a camera–reporting, news anchoring, acting, or doing commercials, it’s not too late to give up on that dream, either. All the reasons you used to give for why you couldn’t do it, like having crooked teeth or being too nervous, can all be dealt with. If you’re nervous, get coaching. If you don’t have any experience, take what you can get and move upwards. If you really do have crooked teeth, no matter where you live, you can find Periodontics in Newark and New Brunswick, NJ or Denver, CO and get your smile straightened. Don’t let excuses stop you from doing what you love.

You may have pursued a white collar job, when all you really wish you were doing was working on cars. You might still be stuck in your high school job flipping burgers, not sure where to go next. Either way, if the idea of working on cars for a living appeals to you, you should consider getting a degree to be an Automotive and Diesel Technician. A good mechanic is always in demand, and more importantly, you’ll be doing what you love.

No matter what new job you wish to pursue, if you’re unhappy in your current one, it may be time to branch out. After all, if you’re going to be doing this until you retire, it ought to be something that makes you smile.