7 Killer Tips and Tricks for a Better User Interface

A website or application is a collection of pages, options, steps, and stages that are connected with each other. Different web pages are created and connected with a central category or main menu so that the users may easily find them. In the same manner, different options or features of an application are showcased on its home screen for easy navigation. This creates an interface for the users to interact easily with the business behind the website or application. The better the things are displayed on a website, the better users understand how to use them.

The way users find things on your website becomes part of their visiting experience. This user experience needs to be improved for higher engagement and conversions. It is the designer and developer who can better illustrate the display of product information and other details on a landing page. It depends on the nature of your business and the type of community you need to reach out.

For example, you are pursuing to launch a business website in Dubai, you may surely need a developer who takes into account the general as well as local trends and norms. A professional company that is offering web development in Dubai or in the neighboring Emirates may well understand such factors to draft an improved user experience for your web presence. For your assistance, we are sharing some of the valuable tips and tricks that may achieve you or the developers in designing a better user interface.

1. Get to know your target audience

Understanding the consumer behavior is a stepping stone towards a better user interface. Try to evaluate what they need to most and how they would like to interact with the website. One cannot design a UI that meets users’ expectations without knowing their common behavior. This can be done by analyzing data or personally interacting with some of the users. It will allow you to know the kind of information and products they are most interested in, so that respective content is highlighted accordingly.

2. Achieve mobile responsiveness

The increasing usage of mobiles and smartphones has made it mandatory for the websites to switch to a responsive user interface. Being a merchant, you may calculate the number of users visiting through their smart devices, but you cannot predict the make, model, and screen size of every one of them. This makes it vulnerable to stick with a limited portability. To ensure every user go through the content of your website without any difficulty, you need to pursue a responsive web design.

3. Optimize the content structure

Designing a brilliant user interface is all about facilitating a target audience in finding things on the website. The structure of content matters a lot as the management may need to highlight the key features above the fold so that users do not need to scroll down for it. The placement of product description and call to action buttons is tricky, that’s why a user interface design may pay special attention to these factors.

4. Make the navigation easier

A traditional eCommerce website has a bar with main categories that lead to subcategories and products. In addition to this navigation bar, the online store needs to work on refining the presentation of products on the home page. Every user may not necessarily land on a product page. So, there must be a clear and easy navigation as the latest, most demanding, best selling, and all time favorite products. In addition to this, the users want to know which part of the website he is browsing. So, navigational aid like breadcrumbs is also necessary to incorporate.

5. Switch to a minimalist design

A better user interface is designed to simplify the user experience of browsing the entire website that’s why the designers often switch to a minimalist design. It simplifies the landing pages and its display. There is no need to over-exaggerate the design with multiple colors and patterns. The users today are more attracted to simple designs so that they can easily find the products they are looking for. The techniques of using yellow colors to highlight a part of content are no more in use.

6. Bringing-in innovation

Innovation comes with the changing trends in design and technology. Just like a responsive design was once a trend, but now a norm for a web designing project, the industry keeps on innovating new designs for the eCommerce websites. The designers are required to look into the prevailing trends, judge its effectiveness on a proposed business model, and come up something more similar and brilliant. Innovation is not about copying the common designs, but to mold them according to the business specific needs. It has to focus the ease and comfort of the end users.

7. Align the content

Align the content in a way that quickly communicates the relevance of content on a web page. A product page includes various sections like images and screenshots. These have to be in line with the description and detailed introduction else the entire landing page may seem meaningless. The users take a few seconds to form an opinion about your web design. If they are unable to find the useful information just they are not aligned, they may leave as soon as possible. Perfect alignment ensures a remarkable user interface.


The foundation of an enhanced user interface lies in the understanding of your target audience. The mobile usability, tech awareness of the community, and general user behavior provide food for thought in designing a better user interface. It demands the developers and designers to be vigilant in designing navigation, layout, appearance, placement of calls to action, and lots of other business-specific factors. This article highlights some of the killer tips and tricks that may help you achieve a better user interface for your business web presence.

Author Bio:

Paul Simmons is a WordPress and Magento plugins development expert. Till date, he has developed various plugins such as Magento Social Login, Facebook Login etc. With an industry rich experience of more than 7 years, he is helping small to medium size enterprises to go live and expand their online reach. Currently, he is heading FMEAddons – a prominent Magento development company.