7 Best New MacBook Accessories That You Need To Have

A MacBook becomes much more powerful when accompanied with super cool accessories. These accessories not only provide alternative functions for your use but also make your MacBook more ergonomic. For example, wireless mouse was one of the most used MacBook Accessories because of its convenience. Let us have a look at it and some other cool accessories for a MacBook.

1. GN30H Premium USB-C Hub with Power Delivery 3 Super Speed USB 3.0 Ports

USB-C Hub has been a revelation in terms of multi-purpose activities of a single accessory. The GN30H Premium USB-C Hub has a high power delivery capability as compared to other high end USB-C devices. On top of that, the accessory boasts of the capability of transferring data and charging the device simultaneously using a single port. The power voltage has an intelligent identification system, ranging from 14.5 V to 20V. The device is definitely an excellent example in terms of how a multi-purpose device should be built and the tasks it should perform.

The device has three USB 3.0 ports, 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port, a HDMI input, a TF card slot and a SD card slot, thus making it capable of performing almost all the tasks required by the user. The HDMI input enables the users to use it as the port required for transferring the laptop screen on projectors, televisions and all such devices which support HDMI input. Apart from this, the presence of USB 3.0 enables data transfer speed up to 5 GB per system. So overall, it is a power packed accessory which you essentially need for your MacBook.

2. Nonda USB-C to USB-A Mini Dongle

The smallest, least expensive and one of the most useful device on the list is Nonda USB-C to USB-A mini dongle. The device smartly converts USB-C port to USB-A port for your use.

3. Anker 4 port USB-A to USB-C Hub

This is the same in terms of function as the previous accessory. It converts a single USB-C port into four USB-A ports, so that you can attach many devices at the same time.

4. OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock

The OWC Thunderbolt consists of 13 ports of various types, making it an obvious choice if you have a bigger budget. This can do many jobs for you at the same time.

5. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

The only Mouse in the list is a power-packed member, compatible with USB port as well as Bluetooth. An ergonomic design makes it the true winner.

6. Nifty MiniDrive

If you are one of those users who do not want to sacrifice any data for the sake of low storage or if you feel that 128 GB or 256 GB (whichever variant you are using) is too low, then Nifty MiniDrive is certainly the device you have been looking for. The drive can be inserted in the SD card slot of the MacBook, thus making it a part of the laptop. The use of micro SD card ensures that the device does not come out of the laptop like conventional SD cards, thus maintaining the sleek and stylish look despite providing you with extra storage.

7. Plug Bug

Plug Bug has been specifically designed for people who like to use their I-Pads while travelling. The unique plug has a USB port on top of it, thus helping the user to charge both MacBook and iPad at the same time. So, even if you have a single socket, do not worry as both your devices will be charged easily. So, if you need both MacBook and iPad, the Plug Bug is the accessory specifically designed for you.

As mentioned earlier, the accessories are what add the required spice to the dish called MacBook. So, order all these accessories and experience an ease of use.