7 Coolest Food Trucks Around the World

Food trucks have been the latest trend when it comes to delivering exotic cuisines across the globe. With passage of time, the food trucks have gained the trust of people across the globe and residents are now ready to spend their valuable money on the recipes provided by these food trucks. With this gain of trust and new sense of life, the number of food trucks is not the only parameter to grow. The number of delicacies being offered by the food trucks is also increasing.

The use of used MAN trucks as food truck is another thing which is in trend. These can be modified a bit, decorated and then used as a food truck, feeling the empty and starving stomach of people. Let us have a look at some of the coolest food trucks around the world.

1. Mammoth Burritos, California

If you are looking for innovation and innovation is what you strive for, this one is definitely going to leave you dumbfounded. On the slopes of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort in California, there is a food truck named Mammoth Burritos which sales Burritos. But imagine how a normal truck would be able to travel in such a difficult terrain. The owners thought about it before you thought and as a result, it is not normal truck which they use as food truck. They use snow cat! Yes, you read that right; Mammoth Burritos is a snow cat which is used to sell burritos.

The innovation is impressive and people have loved the idea. As a result, the business has been on growth and a second truck has marked its entry, selling calzones in the reason. So no doubt, it is one of the coolest food trucks you would come across.

2. Pizzetta Fire truck, Connecticut

The retired 1983 Pierce Arrow Pumper Fire truck serves you stone baked gourmet pizza. Stunned by reading the sentence let me tell you there is no flaw in your reading. The fire truck now acts as a food van selling food on the streets of Connecticut. The owners of the truck have been using energy efficient solar panels to power the truck. Also, it has a rooftop kitchen, a proposition worth savoring. Believe me, this is one of the most innovative ideas of food van that you will ever come across in your entire life as a used MAN truck is turned into useful one once again.

Photo: Company 77

3. Vegan Routes, London

Vegan Routes is a food van serving vegan and vegetarian delicacies to the people of London. The food van has been made from a double decker bus, which serves as two floors of the restaurant. You can go to the upper tier for a fine dining experience or choose to stay outside the van while eating your favorite cuisines. This food van in London is one of its kind, not only because of the kind of food they serve but also because of the innovation they have bought in to convert a public transport vehicle into an efficient food van. Kudos to them for such sharp use of brain!

4. Del Popolo, San Francisco

If you are shown a picture of just the carrier and rear portion of the truck and not the front one, you will surely mistake Del Popolo as a restaurant room. However, Del Popolo is a truck which has been modified into a food van serving pizza. The interiors have been changed efficiently to give it the look of a restaurant room. There are window, marble flooring and almost everything which you will find in a common restaurant. The Italian finish is excellent and worth saluting!

5. The Veggie Patch, Sydney

If you spot a food truck with green front portion and wood resembling portion at the back in the Australian city of Sydney, you are watching The Veggie Patch. It is one of the most innovative as well as famous food vans not only in Australia but across the globe. It serves seasonal veg delicacies ranging from vegan cinnamon scrolls, humongous veggie brekkies, and burgers to baklava. The food truck follows its ideal of sustainable development and has been made keeping that in mind.

6. Maximus Minimus, Seattle

An innovative designed food truck in the shape of a giant pig, Maximus Minimum serves a number of pork cuisines along with grilled veg sandwiches.

Photo: Wikipedia

7. Luzzo’s La Pizza Neapolitana, New York

It is an innovatively designed pizza delivering food truck of New York, with some of the pizza’s taking less than a minute to cook.

These are some food trucks which have amazed all of us with their innovation and the way they are operating, some of them being snow cat. These food trucks are an example and lessons to humans, that once you are willing to do something, everything is achievable. So, go through these are be amazed and share with your friends too.