Windows desktop apps and utilities ported to RT

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet may not be a bestseller like the iPad, but it is fairly popular amongst a number of Redmond-friendly devs and those who prefer a Windows tablet over an Android or iOS device.

However, the Surface RT cannot run most 32- and 64-bit legacy apps, as the software was designed for x86 (Intel and AMD) processors, rather than ARM-powered chips like Nvidia’s Tegra 3.

Unsurprisingly, the talented folks at XDA Devs have taken on the task of porting and cataloguing classic Windows apps that now work on Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet.

Led by XDA’s GoodDayToDie, the initiative has generated positive attention from a number of users and developers.

A list of RT ports has been compiled, which includes the following classic Windows utilities:

* Bochs – x86 Emulator. Known issue: no network support.

* TightVNC – VNC server and client.

* PuTTY Suite – SSH/Rsh/telnet client and helpers. 

* 7-Zip – Utility for file archives and disk images.

* Notepad++ – Powerful but simple text/code editor. New direct link:

* SciTE – Code editor (Thanks to XDA-Devs member FearTheCowboy)

* IP Messenger – Peer-to-peer chat/file transfer.

* CrystalBoy – Nintendo Gameboy emulator.

As noted above, GoodDayToDie is also keeping a running list of applications that work without modification, such as Mouse Without Borders and Keepass Portable.

Interested? Additional info can be found on the original thread here.