MisFit synchronizes with smartphones, hits KickStarter

When it comes time to getting into shape, one of the biggest challenges for most people is accurately tracking and measuring fitness goals. 

Fortunately, there are a number of devices on the market today that are designed specifically to track activity and help individuals reach their fitness goals, such as the Fitbit. However, an interesting new device – dubbed MisFit Shine – recently turned up on Indiegogo.

This little gadget is like a souped-up pedometer that is capable of tracking how many steps you walk, along with other activities like biking or swimming – thanks to its waterproof design.

In addition, the Shine is deisgned to synchronize with a smartphone by simply placing the device on a display.  Meaning, it doesn’t require a cable or even complicated Bluetooth pairing.

The device is equipped with an internal battery that lasts for about six months – and requires no charging during that time.

The aluminium-based Shine offers multiple options in terms of wear, including a clothing clip and a bracelet, allowing it to be worn on the wrist where users can customize their personal goals. The Shine measures 27.5 mm in diameter and 3.3 mm thick. It is compatible with any Apple device running iOS 5 and up or Android 4.0-powered devices and higher.

The project is seeking $100,000 and has already exceeded its goal. Many of the early-bird specials are sold out at this time, so it will cost you $79 to pre-order your own Misfit Shine with an estimated delivery date of March 2013.