These $600 Android-powered Oakley goggles are so cyberpunk

Some days it really seems like Google’s wildly popular Android operating system is popping up everywhere and anywhere.

Android was originally designed a mobile-specific OS for smartphones and tablets, yet it’s managed to make its way into all sorts of other devices – including gear for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Case in point: Oakley’s new high-tech goggles for skiers called Airwave. As expected, the cyberpunk looking  goggles are far from cheap at a cool $599.99. Yet they include a slick heads up display (HUD), as well as a live link to your Android smartphone. 

Essentially, the screen inside the goggles is placed close enough to your eye that it gives the appearance of a 14-inch monitor being viewed from 5 feet away. Live feeds include location, speed, distance, incoming calls, messages, music playlists, altitude and more.

As noted above, the Airwave goggles pair to the Android device in your pocket via a Bluetooth app. Oh, and yes, other than the high-tech Android goodness inside the goggles, the device is also paired with high-quality Oakley anti-fog lenses, lightweight construction, and moisture wicking materials capable of surviving the elements.

Personally, I can see this technology being useful in the future for just about any scenario where you need to have your hands free and keep your eyes in front of you rather than looking at an app or gauges – say when on the road. I’m quite sure we’ll see various iterations of the google’s OS integrated into other devices in the future.