The Toxic Cities of Paglia and Proyas Evolve together

With Eureka over and done with, the show’s co-creator, Jamie Paglia has been working on something new – adapting Tim Lebbon’s novel trilogy Toxic City for television.

Paglia is writing the show and will co-exec produce with filmmaker Alex Proyas, who is being brought in to direct.

Proyas is a renowned filmmaker, responsible for such films as The Crow, Dark City, and I,Robot. Directing and co-exec producing the show, which is currently being called Evolve, along-side Paglia will be his first venture into television production.

Evolve Tells the story of a group of citizens who have been waiting two years for closure after a mysterious accident released a biological agent into Los Angeles, and left the city quarantined. Needing to know what has happened to their friends and family left behind in the city, the group breaks into the quarantine to find that L.A. is filled with people who now have supernatural powers, and who are being hunted down by a frightened government.

The original novel take place in London, but it’s not really surprising to hear that the setting will be changing for the American production.

The show is being produced by ABC Studios, so when the pilot comes around, we can be pretty sure of where to find it.

Development has only just begun, so I wouldn’t expect to see the pilot until 2014 – unless the studio puts a lot of effort into getting the development and casting done before the end of spring.

The first book in the Toxic City trilogy, London Eye, is available now from PYR Books.