Lenovo eyes budget Android tablet market

Lenovo’s A2107 probably won’t win any performance accolades, but is very reasonably priced at approximately $150, with similar Android devices weighing in at around $199.

There are also a number of tablets on the market that are in the $250 and up range, with screens measuring  8-9-inches.

So yes, it seems as if industry veteran Lenovo is set to enter the budget Android tablet market with the  IdeaTab A2107. Now as noted above, the A2107 isn’t going to and attempt to compete with other tablets on the market based on performance or specifications. Rather, Lenovo is plainly aiming at the budget shoppers out there with a rumored price of around $150-$167.

Hardware specs? A 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 7-inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 that supports only four points of touch, 1 GB of RAM and storage options ranging from 4 GB-16 GB.

The tablet isn’t in stock in any of the retailers where it has been listed, reports Liliputing, so there is always a chance the pricing is inaccurate and simply acting as a placeholder. The model tipped at $150 is said to have 8 GB of storage, indicating the existence of an even cheaper version of the tablet with only 4 GB of storage.

Additional features include front and rear cameras, Wi-Fi, and integrated Bluetooth. The tablet also promises up to eight hours battery life and there will be a 3G-capable version of the device.

Although an official launch date has yet to be confirmed, it seems as if the A2107 will be hitting physical and virtual store shelves over the next few weeks.