Video: Black Ops II zombie gameplay is in the wild

Quite a lot of anticipation has been building around the launch of Activision’s upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops II video game.

The title will certainly have the same well built and hugely entertaining single player campaign mode as its predecessors. However, the real draw about Black Ops II for many gamers is the multiplayer action and even more specifically, the zombie mode, which teased in an official trailer just last month.

The official launch date for the video game is set for November 13, but that hasn’t stopped gobs of videos being filmed by players who have their hands on the game early from hitting YouTube and other online sources. Activision has been actively fighting these videos and many of them have been removed.

Fortunately, we recently managed to run across an interesting zombies mode gameplay video that is still live on YouTube. The clip is about 12 minutes and 56 seconds long and shows someone playing zombies mode on a map called Green Run. Personally, I’m happy to see that the new zombie mode has much larger maps to play on rather than being limited to a single building as we were in the original Black Ops game.

You should be warned that if history is any indication, this video could be taken down at any point by Activision. If you don’t mind spoilers, you might want to check out the clip above and see what you can expect on November 13 when the game goes live. With the popularity of zombie mode and the Black Ops franchise, one can’t help but wonder when Activision will finally produce a standalone zombie game.