Galaxy S III "Mini" rumors pop up

Samsung is holding an event next week, prompting rumors the company will unveil a smaller version of the wildly popular Galaxy S III.

The event will be held in Germany, and the invitations being sent out to members of the media contain a phrase that roughly translates to “something small will be really big.”

The invitation, posted online by, also includes the iconic stylized “S” that has come to symbolize the Galaxy S brand.

So the popular belief is that the event will be a launching pad for a more compact version of the Galaxy S III, something that would be slightly at odds with Samsung’s recent strategy that bigger is better.

Nevertheless, it is dominating the Android community right now and there is certainly a new segment to tap into. A smaller phone would no doubt be a bit less expensive so it could appeal to more budget-conscious consumers. Samsung is still in the business of getting its name out there so that users won’t look at the battle of iPhone vs Android — they’ll look at it as iPhone vs Galaxy S.

The Galaxy S III saw an almost unparalleled global launch on May 29, with 100 carrier partners already secured at dozens of countries throughout the planet.

Samsung owns an astounding 30.6% of the mobile phone market as of August. It toppled Nokia as the leader in the industry for the first time in 15 years, and it became the first company to dethrone the iPhone 4S, when the Galaxy S III sold more units in August.