Apple patches iPhone 5 Verizon bug

It’s only been out for several days but the iPhone 5 is already getting its first bug patched.

These days, it isn’t a new iPhone unless some sort of weird bug or glitch shows up. With the iPhone 4, it was the antennagate debacle. With the iPhone 4S, it was the misleading “4G” icon that started popping up.

And with the iPhone 5, it was the curious problem that caused Verizon customers to notice their mobile data usage climbing up even if they were connected to WiFi.

Apple provided no explanation for why the phone was still sucking battery and eating through mobile broadband connectivity despite the fact that users had a perfectly good WiFi connection on the new iPhone, or why the issue only affected those with a Verizon version of the device.

To Apple’s credit, though, it was able to fix the glitch in a relatively short amount of time. It released a software update on Sunday.

Verizon customers should go to the “About” section of the phone’s Settings menu to check for and download the update.

After installing the patch, users need to reboot the phone. To confirm that the update has been made, the carrier name that displays in the phone’s menu should say “Verizon 13.1”

As always happens when a new iPhone is released, the iPhone 5 has been sold out at virtually every store throughout the country. Verizon is showing an expected ship date for new orders of October 26.