Droid Incredible 2 update remains in limbo

It’s almost the end of August and HTC has not updated its plans to roll out Ice Cream Sandwich to the Droid Incredible 2.

The upgraded version of Android, known more officially as version 4.0, was suposed to be available for the device some time this month.

However, HTC said the same thing about the Verizon Thunderbolt, and that appears to have gotten most of the attention. The Incredible 2 has not received any further rumblings.

This is leading some to believe that the update will actually not happen for the Droid Incredible 2.

Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the biggest updates to Android yet, and includes such features as scanning your face to unlock the phone, a much more robust speech-to-text software program, and an entire platform of data sharing that focuses on Near Field Communication (NFC).

Several other manufacturers have pledged support for the new update, and a bunch of phones currently running an older version of Android are still eligible to get the bump up to version 4.0 and beyond.

Ice Cream Sandwich is now powering a decent amount of active Android devices, despite having a slow initial rollout in the early part of the year.

Of course, Jelly Bean is now starting to make its way to the market, reaching more than 1% of all Android devices so far.