Vita firmware update adds PS3 controller feature

Sony is about to roll out a significant update to the Playstation Vita.

Firmware version 1.80 is on the way for the portable gaming device, and it brings with it one of the most ambitious Vita features yet.

It will allow players to use their Playstation Vita as a controller for the PS3, opening up second-screen potential for the home console. The “second screen” was a huge focus on this year’s E3 conference.

The idea is that gamers can have a richer experience if, while playing a game on their TV screen, they are able to view companion content – like a persistent map or other pertinent gameplay information – on another device.

That is the main feature of Nintendo’s new Wii U console, so it makes sense that Sony and Microsoft are trying to accomplish the same thing with their existing consoles.

Aside from this main feature of the new Vita firmware, it also adds support for more PSOne Classics. The following titles will be available for the portable system with firmware version 1.80:

– Arc the Lad

– Cool Boarders 2

– Final Fantasy VII

– Hot Shots Golf 2

– Jet Moto

– Syphon Filter

– Tomb Raider

– Twisted Metal 2

– Wild Arms

The new firmware was scheduled to go live yesterday, but Sony has not updated its official firmware page for the device.