More details on Apple’s new set-top box

Apple envisions an experience where TV is always on your time, is connected to social networks, and can migrate between different devices.

These are the new details coming from the Wall Street Journal, which first reported yesterday that Apple was working on a new set-top box.

The box  set-top box will allow users to stream live TV.

So the idea is that instead of hooking up your cable box to your TV, you’d hook up this new Apple gadget. It’s unclear how far along the development process is, though, and the company seems to have been unable to strike content deals with any cable or satellite operator.

The new details reveal that Apple wants to have a cloud-based DVR service, and the ability to watch the beginning of a live TV show even if you’re tuning in late.

Apple is also tinkering with the idea of integrating this service with social networks, as well as being able to connect via an iPhone or iPad.

The company is also rumored to be working on its own TV set which will offer unparalleled wireless connectivity, seamless integration with other Apple devices, and potentially a Siri-esque voice command in place of a traditional remote control, has been the subject of many rumors over the last few months.

The idea of creating the smartest of smart TVs was apparently a pet project of the late CEO Steve Jobs up until his final days. That vision is expected to become reality by the end of the year.

It was previously reported that Sharp would produce the actual panels for the TV. The continued rumors of new supply manufacturers suggests progress in the production of the iTV is coming along nicely.

The Apple TV was Apple’s previous attempt at entering the living room, but it has largely been a flop due to the mere fact that people don’t like the idea of dedicated set-top boxes anymore. Not in a world where increasing amounts of software is built into the TV itself, or some other staple component like game consoles or Blu-ray players.