Nook prices get slashed

Barnes & Noble is cutting the prices of its Nook and Nook Tablet devices.

The 8 GB Nook Tablet has been cut from $200 to $179, while the Nook Color ereader has gone down to $149.

The Nook has of course played second fiddle to Amazon’s Kindle family from day one.

It hasn’t come anywhere close to dethroning the online retailer as the kind of ebooks, but then again it probably never expected to.

The biggest problem has certainly been that the Nook products match Amazon’s Kindle price points almost perfectly.

If someone is going to spend $200 on a tablet, for example, chances are they’ll go with the Kindle Fire.

The same thing goes for ereaders. If you aren’t given a financial incentive to go with an alternative, the Kindle is going to be your first choice. For the most part.

That being said, B&N has managed to make significant strides in the market. The retailer has a very loyal base, and there is definitely a market for people who prefer going to an actual store and giving it a test run.

The price changes are effective immediately, online and at every one of Barnes & Noble’s 700+ retail locations.