Silent Hill compilation woes lead to free game

Konami’s compilation of classic Silent Hill titles is so bad, the company is offering free content to those who purchased it.

Silent Hill HD Collection has been maligned from users left and right, along with critics and even the man who created the original franchise.

It was slated to be patched, but on the Xbox 360, that patch was canceled. So anyone who purchased the game before August 8 can email Konami customer care, with a scanned image of their receipt showing they bought the game, and they’ll get a free Konami game.

There are dozens of free games to choose from across all platforms, some of which are even more expensive than the Silent Hill compilation.

Things really got bad for Konami when Silent Hill creator Masahiro Ito spoke up about the collection. In his Twitter account, Ito referred to a side-by-side comparison shot of the original Silent Hill and the supposed HD remake of Silent Hill. “Left side is HD, isn’t it? It’s poor. It’s really a released version? Really?” When he realized that it was in fact a shot of the final retail game, his response was, simply, “OMG!!!!” Yes, four exclamation points.

Ito wasn’t the only one expressing frustration at the way the classic titles were ported over the a current-generation system. Gamers have been pouring in on the official Konami forums as well as other game communities to complain about everything from bad graphics to bugs and glitches. There are screen freezes, audio blips, and all sorts of other miscellaneous errors. But the voice of Ito himself expressing disappointment is worth more than a million disappointed gamers.

The PS3 version managed to get patched.