SMS gets synchronized in the cloud

Get ready to synchronize your SMS messages in the cloud with MySMS, which just rolled out of beta status early this morning. 

Essentially, MySMS can best be described as a platform-independent SMS service that synchronizes all your text messages across Windows, OS X, iOS and Android – all through a single cloud-based account. 

“First and foremost, MySMS will definitely appeal to those who like texting, but would prefer to do so on a full (physical) PC or laptop keyboard, rather than on a smartphone or tablet with a touch-screen,” company rep Jonathan Hirshon told TG Daily staff during a recent briefing in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

“Then again, MySMS has a much wider appeal for the masses, and that is convenience. Convenience when it comes to centralizing all your SMS messages in a single cloud-based location, meaning you are no longer dependent on a single device for SMS activity. If you buy a new smartphone, all your SMS messages are there, ready to go in the cloud, without any delay whatsoever.” 

According to Hirshon, MySMS, which recently went live in Europe (in beta) has already synched more than 100 million messages.

As noted above, MySMS is now available worldwide at no cost and can be downloaded here for iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, Facebook (app) and Google’s Chrome browser.

In addition, MySMS is offering an open API (Application Programming Interface) for devs interested in integrating SMS functionality into their apps, as well as supporting full OTT (Over The Top) carrier and IM options.