Report: Comcast to launch 305 Mbps Internet

Comcast is apparently working on a blazing-fast high-speed Internet service.

Broadband Reports is reporting that the cable operator is working on a rival to Verizon’s Fios Quantum Internet service, which currently offers best-in-class 300 Mbps speeds to select regions in the US.

The report cited Comcast’s Neil Smit as saying that its new 305 Mbps service is planning to launch in those same territories.

Comcast is really looking to expand in market segments that are growing, and is being very active as “cord cutting” and the lack of monopolistic power that the cable box has become deeper and more pressing issues.

For example, it’s also getting into the streaming video game. As part of the new initiative, partnerships have already been forged with Disney, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, and Cookie Jar Entertainment. In addition, Comcast already has an on-demand video app.

Comcast isn’t the only pay-TV provider looking to get into the market of streaming video. Verizon, which offers Fios TV service to select parts of the country, is also in talks with content providers to launch its own rival to Netflix.

It was of course one of the first to pledge support for the Xbox 360’s streaming TV initiative, making Comcast the most forward-thinking legacy cable company out there. Others like Time Warner Cable are very steadfast in their opposition of these advancements.

Comcast has not commented on the high-speed Internet rumors. More to come as the details unfold.